Join The Movement

Ways to help and get inspired!

We are currently putting together a list of opportunities to learn and/or volunteer with sustainability organizations from around the world! If you are interested in posting youth oriented environmental opportunities on Love Your Mother contact!

We are just getting started so please check periodically to see new listings. There are many organizations all over the world making a difference, this list is only a start. Check out the good things they are doing, and search for more, even in your own community!


Please consider supporting these organizations working to make a difference.

World Wildlife Fund

Majik Water

Waipa Foundation


Commonland Foundation

Eden Rainforest Project

Great Barrier Reef Legacy

Mikoko Pamoja

Our Planet with WWF

Precious Plastic

Rainforest Action Network

Regeneration International

Soil Health Partnership

The Green Belt Movement

The Traditional Native American Farmers Association

Earth Island Institute

The Equator Initiative

World Ocean Network

8 billion Trees

The Ocean Cleanup

Alliance for Climate Education

C Combinator


Friends of the Earth International

Green 10

Move On

Plastic Ocean International

Project Drawdown


Sea Shepherd

Sustainable Harvest International

The Ocean Agency

True Nature Foundation

Understanding AG

Save Our Shores

Kiss the Ground

Billions in Change

Surfrider Foundation

Sierra Club

Eco Drive Hong Kong

Global Mangrove Alliance



Plastic Soup Foundation

Project GreenHands (Isha Foundation)


Seabin Project

The Fragments of Hope

The Plastic Bank

Un Salto de Vida

The Orangutan Project