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Love Your Mother is a children's book fostering appreciation and a sense of stewardship over our natural world. Written by Veronika Bajwa and Illustrated by Florence Thornton. Click the links below to purchase the book at select retailers.

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Planting Seeds of Love

The Love Your Mother Book is an illustrated children's book that is dedicated to teaching the importance of protecting and caring for our Mother Earth. We have partnered with sustainability organizations from around the world to provide opportunities to donate and take action on both a local and global level, to help support and protect our Mother Earth. Join the movement today!

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Love Your Mother is a children's book fostering appreciation and a sense of stewardship over our natural world.

Written by Veronika Bajwa and Illustrated by Florence Thornton.

Meet the Author

Veronika Bajwa is an environmentalist, world traveler, and yoga instructor. She wrote Love Your Mother after a powerful experience in the redwood forest. Veronika has worked nationally and internationally on environmental issues. She volunteered at the first World Youth Congress in Honolulu in 1999, as well as the following congress events in Morocco, Scotland, Wales, and Montreal. She formed a non-profit that organized local and international projects to raise awareness about key social and environmental issues. She also lived in India for three years and volunteered with Odanadi, an organization that rescues young people from human trafficking.  

When she saw the artwork of Florence Thornton, a friend's daughter, she knew the time was right to publish. Veronika used to blow glass with Florence’s father when she lived in Bath, England, and she first met Florence when she was just a baby!  The need to publish her book about preserving the environment and creating a movement to inspire hope for young people is needed now more than ever.  

Currently a successful business owner on the island of Kaua'i, her passion for the environment is greater than ever. This book is her offering to the Earth and the next generations. She hopes the book will inspire hope and youth activism to help steer our planet's future in a more positive, thriving, and harmonious direction.

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Words of Love

Love Your Mother is such a thoughtfully written, beautifully illustrated, and deeply important picture book to share with your family. As an educator, it fosters deeper conversations with kids of all ages about how we can enact real change and protect our planet. I especially appreciated the many links at the end, encouraging kids to take the next tangible steps. As a mom, it nurtures kindness, compassion, and a service driven heart for humanity… messages that are invaluable to parents and their children alike. We feel like we’re actually in nature with the turn of each gorgeous page and we can’t wait to get back to nature when we finish reading!

- Megan McNulty
Producer, Actress, and founder of The Tiny Tutor
This book is such a great family read for any age! My almost 3 year old son loves to look at all the pictures and name all the animals.  I also love to read it with my older nieces and nephews as a learning experience and discussion starter.  It is a great way to broach environmental issues with children.  A definite must have for any family children’s library!

- Sarah Keller
Mother and former School teacher
The book is filled with beautiful pictures of nature and our world. The message asks us to love our mother and touches my heart on a human level and a global one. This is a book for all ages and times.

- Amazon Customer
Love Your Mother is that rare find - a children's book that makes both parents and kids reflect and think. Challenging us to look critically at our behavior on this planet, Veronika Bajwa encourages us to find ways to express our love for our global home and to make it better for those who come after us. Florence Thornton's illustrations are vivid and moving, brilliantly capturing the sentiment and story of the book. Love Your Mother is a wonderful book for any parent who cares deeply about our global home and who wants to instill that love in his or her child.

- Stuart Ambrose
Parent & Corporate Wellbeing Executive
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"She gives and gives to us,
day after day,
along with the radiant Sun
that gives light to all things."

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